George Vicari has been a patient of Dr. Pastrell’s for a long time. George had an incident when he was just  a teenager and had problems with a front tooth for decades. It was just in the past couple years that George finally had this long time issue resolved. He recently completed a treatment plan with Dr. Pastrell to get dental implants. Click on the video below to hear George share about this great solution to his long time problem and success with dental implants Reno!

Arnie Arzoian is a patient of Dr. Pastrell’s who also has recently had dental implants. In the video below, Arnie shares about his experience through the entire process of having the dental implants and what that entailed. Click on the video below to hear Arnie share about his experience!

“When I found out I needed dental implants I almost cried! I was not even 30 years old yet! I was nervous about the whole procedure also. But I am very happy with my new teeth now!

It was a bit of a process. I had to go in a total of 4 times. And it was hard going through the process. I just kept hoping it was going to be worth it. I thought my new teeth might just be cosmetic, and not really functional. Now that the whole thing is done, I am so happy I did it. My new teeth are stronger that my original ones! I had to get 2 teeth in the back left side of my mouth. I now only chew on that side because it is stronger that my other side!

I would highly recommend Dr. Pastrell for this procedure. It might seen daunting, but so worth it in the end!”

Rebekah S