mercury free dentistryAmalgam fillings which contain mercury have become quite a controversial topic in the dental community in the past few years.  Because of the many advances in dental materials Dr. Pastrell has not used filling materials which contain mercury for about the past fifteen years.  Instead we use white composite fillings that actually bond to the teeth, and because they are tooth-colored instead of silver, are very cosmetic. We understand that some people wish to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed.

The Procedure
If you have amalgam fillings and wish to have them removed, we have a safe procedure for this. Dr. Pastrell uses a rubber dam to help prevent mercury from leaking into the rest of your body. The old filling will be removed and replaced. The old silver filling will be removed safely from your tooth, and then a new and much safer filling material will be used to replace the old one.  In some cases a cosmetic crown may be used to restore the tooth to optimal dental health.

The Benefits
When Dr. Pastrell removes the silver filling he will replace it with a material that is closer to the natural color of your tooth. This picture shows silver fillings and the beautiful result after they have been replaced with cosmetic restorations. Another benefit is that the new cosmetic material will be much less of a concern over the life of the restoration.

It is always a good idea for you as a patient to research the advantages and benefits of replacing silver fillings. If this sounds like a good idea to you, and something you would like to have done, please feel free to call Dr. Pastrell with any questions or to discuss in more detail. 775.746.1177.