When you think of toothpaste, you probably think about how this stuff cleans your teeth. There are many different kinds of toothpastes. Types that specialize in fighting cavities, reducing sensitivity, whitening your teeth, and restoring enamel. Did you know there are other uses for toothpaste besides just cleaning your teeth? Check out some of these clever uses!

Soothes a minor burn- Eucalyptus in toothpaste can be soothing to burns with an unopened wound.

Cleans and deodorizes baby bottles- Use a bottle-scrubber and toothpaste to clean milk film and freshen the inside of a baby bottle. Thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Makes silver, gold and diamonds sparkle- Some toothpaste will make your jewelry shine! Do not use it on pearls, since toothpaste is too abrasive on the surface.

Removes stains in clothes and carpet- Use a brush and toothpaste to remove stain in clothes or carpet. Rinse with a damp cloth.

Freshens hands to remove odors – Wash your hands with toothpaste and then thoroughly rinse to remove strong odors from handling onions.

Chrome cleaner- A little bit of toothpaste can go a long way to clean the chrome on your car tires!

Relief of bug bites- Place a dab of toothpaste on an insect bite to soothe the itch you can’t scratch!

Defogger – Use a little bit of toothpaste on a mirror or goggle lenses and then rinse.

Bet you never thought of some of these toothpaste uses! Make sure you do a test run on a small hidden area before you go all out with these. The best use of toothpaste is still to clean your teeth. If you would like to set up an appointment to get your teeth cleaned professionally, call our office at 775.746.1177 today!