Reno Dental Implant Patient Testimonial

We have asked some of our previous dental implant patients to share their experience. Here is a testimonial from a 33 year old female patient who we performed dental implants on 4 years ago:

“I had 2 teeth on the bottom back that were decayed beyond repair. I was exploring my options and had not even heard about dental implants before. I was wondering what other options were available to me and was hesitant to get dental implants. It was a bit of a process but is so worth it now!

The first step toward dental implants was to have the 2 teeth pulled. That was the only really difficult part. I was swollen for a couple days, but I healed quickly.

The next step was to have the metal posts put in. This part was not bad. Next, I had the posts put in. Then I went back for the crown.

My new dental implants are so strong! I now chew only on that side of my mouth. Whereas before, I used to avoid chewing on that side. I have 2 implants that are connected to each other. This makes them stronger. I have to floss in between them sometimes. But they are very strong in my mouth.

It was a little bit of a process to get these dental implants. But I am so happy I went through all of this. It was so worth it! I would highly recommend Dr. Pastrell for dental implants in Reno!