Question: A few of Saint Patrick’s relics can still be viewed in Ireland today. One of these items is Saint Patrick’s Bell. What other relic can be viewed in Dublin in the National Museum?
Answer: Saint Patrick’s Tooth!

Shrine of St Patrick’s Tooth   

The Fiacal Padraig, or Shrine of St Patrick’s Tooth, is a reliquary traditionally said to contain a tooth belonging to St Patrick! It is actually a complex piece made up of portions of different objects of wood, copper alloy, silver, gold and silver filigree and rock crystal and dating between the 12th and 14th centuries. Its purse-shaped form dates to the mid-14th century when it was refurbished at the request of Thomas de Bermingham, Lord of Athenry in Co. Galway.  On the 14th-century front, St John, the Virgin Mary and figures of Irish saints flank the figure of Christ. The shrine was used in the early 19th century for curing sick animals. 

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