Thanks to all who have participated in our monthly reno dental trivia questions!

February Trivia Question: Who was the first American to get a patent for a toothbrush?

Answer: H.N. Wadsworth in 1857 (US Patent No. 18,653).

Here is article from Wikipedia: “The first patent for a toothbrush was granted to H.N. Wadsworth in 1857 (US Patent No. 18,653) in the United States but mass production in the United States did not start until 1885. The rather advanced design had a bone handle with holes bored into it for the Siberian boar hair bristles. Unfortunately animal bristle was not an ideal material as it retained bacteria, did not dry well,and the bristles often fell out. In addition to bone, handles were made of wood or ivory. In the United States, brushing teeth did not become routine until after World War II, when American soldiers had to clean their teeth daily.”

Congratulations to Bill for being the first to answer correctly! Enjoy your drink at Starbucks!

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