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 Last Friday Dr. Pastrell and his team met with a representative from a company called Imagn that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnea. We learned many exciting new things we are looking forward to implementing in our Dental Practice. We are screening patients to discover how well they are sleeping at night. If not, they may be a candidate for a Home Sleep Test, and, if needed, an Oral Appliance to maintain their airway, and help them sleep better. Patients with Sleep Apnea wake up many times during the night preventing the deep and restful sleep they need to allow the body and brain to repair and recharge. Optimal sleep is necessary in order for proper regulation of the body’s hormones, to increase cognitive function, to allow the immune system to repair, and to help improve memory. Lack of proper sleep can lead to High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes, and Sexual Dysfunction. It is reported that over 83% of people report poor sleep, and as a result can experience the destructive effects. If you have any questions, or feel that you might suffer from this disease, please call Dr. Pastrell today to set up an appointment to discuss this with him.