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Throughout my career I have been asked many times why I wanted to become a Dentist. The question is actually a very easy one to answer. When I was in the 7th or 8th grade my Dad pulled me aside and said to me, “I think you ought to think about becoming a Dentist.” We had never discussed the idea before, but from that moment on I never thought about becoming anything else. This might have been because my dad was an officer in the United States Marine Corps and so I better listen to him, but I rather think it was because it’s what I was truly meant to do.

My roots in Reno go back pretty far as my Dad was born and raised in Reno; his father was a mailman here for 25 years. My Mother moved to Reno from Iowa with her family back in 1942 so my grandfather could manage the Double Diamond Ranch (when it was still a Ranch) for the owner Wilbur May; this he did until 1967. Both of my parents graduated from Reno High School so of course that is where I went to school as well.

After graduating from Reno High I attended the University of Nevada, Reno, and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences. I then attended the University Of Pacific School Of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA, and graduated in 1983. From there I received a Commission in the United States Navy Dental Corps as a Dental Officer and was stationed in Bethesda, MD for one year. In Bethesda I was stationed at the Naval Hospital where I received some excellent training in a General Practice Residency. I was able to do a lot of surgery and trauma in the hospital and this is where I developed a love for all kinds of General Dentistry as well as Surgery and Sedation (Sleep Dentistry). We were being trained for a remote duty station, and after this year we were moved to Guam where I was stationed at the Guam Naval Hospital.

I need to go back and discuss another very important event in my life. About half-way through Dental School I was married to my wonderful wife of 35 years, Susan, and we began a wonderful journey together. We have five daughters and eight grand-children, and two more on the way. We have been truly blessed. We lived in Guam for three years and this was a wonderful time of growing our family, getting dental school loans paid off, and preparing for Private Practice in Reno. In 1987 I was honorably discharged from the Navy and we moved our family back to Reno. I was an associate with three other Dentists in Southwest Reno for three years, and then in 1990 I moved up to the Northwest and started our own Practice. This was quite a step of faith because there were no other Dentists in NW Reno at the time, and everyone said to stay in the SW. But we moved to Westridge Corners on Mae Anne, took out a small business loan, and built a dental office where I practiced for 15 years. Then we moved the practice in 2005 to our present location on the corner of Robb Dr. and Mae Anne Ave. This was a tremendous blessing because I was able to purchase the space and do our own improvements in order to make a very pleasant environment for our patients.

The thing I enjoy most about dentistry is having the ability to be creative in using all of my skills and abilities in meeting the dental needs of my patients. I count it a privilege whenever someone new comes into the office and desires to become established as a new patient. I take this responsibility very seriously and enjoy the thanks and satisfaction my patients express when they know we have done our best to provide them with optimal dental care. When we first opened our office back in 1990 we dedicated the practice to God to serve Him by devoting ourselves to integrity and honesty in everything we do. My staff and I begin each day praying that God would bless the day so that we would be a blessing to our patients, and that everything would go as smoothly as possible. The people working with me are wonderful and we all get along so well that it puts our patients at ease in a very comfortable and relaxing environment.

I feel very blessed to be able to do something I truly love and enjoy, and do not plan on retiring anytime soon. We have a wonderful staff who also loves what they do, and we really enjoy taking care of our patients, and providing excellent dentistry for all who seek us for their dental needs. I enjoy keeping up to date on the latest advances in Dentistry, and continuing education is something I constantly pursue. We look forward to many more years of establishing great relationships with our patients, and meeting the dental needs of people in Del Webb and throughout our community.