teeth bleaching

reno teeth bleachingBleaching as a means to whiten teeth has become very popular in recent years as people desire to improve their appearance and be able to smile with confidence.  The technique uses mild bleaching agents in a gel form that whitens the enamel of the teeth.  The process usually takes only a matter of days or a week or two to dramatically whiten the teeth in a painless and comfortable manner.

In our office we provide a number of ways for our patients to whiten their teeth quickly and comfortably.

  1. The first way is our new and improved take-home pre-made trays that have the bleaching material already present in them. One size fits all and there is no need for impressions or tray fabrication; just place the trays in your mouth and enjoy whiter teeth in no time.  All of our bleaching material contains two desensitizing agents that allow the teeth to be bleached without discomfort.  This bleach comes in a delicious Melon or refreshing Mint flavor.
  2. The second way is to have impressions made in the office. Personalized trays are then fabricated which nicely fits the patients’ mouth and teeth.  These trays are taken home and the patient places the bleaching material in the tray which is then placed in the mouth for 2-3 hours at a time.  After 5-7 days the teeth are bleached and are much whiter.
  3. For those who desire a faster and more immediate bleaching process, we now have our “Boost” in-office bleaching system. No trays are used and the bleaching takes place in the office.  This process uses material that is a little stronger, and is intensified with a light that activates the material and provides a much more profound result.

Please call our office at 775.746.1177 so we can make an appointment for you to get on the road to whiter teeth and a more confident and attractive smile, and a healthier you.