October is a big candy month! With Halloween right around the corner, there seems to be candy offered everywhere! Not all candies are created equal. Some are much worst for your teeth! Sorry if it names some of your favorite! But try to avoid these ones! If it is too late for some of your teeth, give us a call today and we will schedule you an appointment to see Dr. Pastrell! 775.746.1177.

This article is from the Clarion Ledger by Dustin Barnes. It is entitled These are the 10 worst kinds of Halloween candy. Are you a fan?

Do your favorites make it on this list?

Trick-or-treaters put a lot of time and energy into getting their look just right for Halloween.

So when the sugar-starved little ones get home, they want to survey the goodies collected in their candy bags. (Their parents often are just as eager to see what sweets are coming in, too.)

So if you care about these little ghosts and ghouls, maybe take a few minutes when selecting the candy you’re handing out over the holiday. And try to steer clear of these Top 10 worst Halloween candies, as listed by CandyStore.com

10. Mary Janes

Not sure what they are exactly, but I don’t want to see them in my Halloween bag, OK?

9. Good & Plenty

To me, they’re just OK, and I don’t need “plenty” of them.

8. Licorice

I have to be in the mood to want licorice. That mood being “desperate.”

7. Smarties

To be honest, I’m fine with these. But whatever.

6. Tootsie Rolls

Now, these aren’t bad candy. But when you have the option of a triple chocolate, nougat-filled burst of sugar, I’m less enthused about this chewy treat.

5. Peanut Butter Kisses

Who has ever eaten one of these things?

4. Necco Wafers

What are these exactly?

3. Wax Coke Bottles

Please. Just no!

2. Candy Corn

This is for an office candy bowl from a co-worker who secretly hates everyone. These are not ideal for a trick-or-treater. 

1. Circus Peanuts

Full disclosure: My father loves these. Also, I think they taste like a chalky marshmallow with a hint of dried-dust aftertaste.